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RAPID EYE MOVEMENT | Director: Runa Islam
Duration: 27 min | Genre: live action / art
Role: sound designer / supervisor / dubbing mixer
Format: stereo

Working under the direction of White Cube artist Runa Islam, I created a sound track rich in subtlety to support Runa's artistic vision.

"Rapid Eye Movement considers the cinematic experience to be a collective dream and attempts to restore the dream to the film process as a self-reflexive exercise in exploring visual narrative structures. In appearance, the film will emulate a lucid dream, perfectly remembered and artistically presented. Employing an innately fluid technique that warrants the disjunctive and dissociative narrative leaps often found in experimental films, this style will be proposed as a 'dream narrative.' The method again transcends the traditional beginning-middle-and-end structure of storytelling, and conveys streams of 'unconsciousness' as a means of creating stories with open endings and readings."
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