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PUMA | Director: Pete Hale
Duration: 30 sec | Genre: tv commercial
Role: sound designer / composer / dubbing mixer
Format: stereo

Aired on 13 european cable channels this ad recieved no less than 5000 spots over a 3 month period. The brief was to create an intense soundtrack to grab the audience by the b***s.

"...Sorry we've been away/exhausted from being away. We didn't see or hear the final thing until we logged on in California in the Apple store. I chose the machine with the biggest speakers and we blasted the place out.

It's a superb job. We are delighted although PUMA did ask us to tone down the beat in the background to make more of the car sounds. I would have liked to have kept the beat loud but I still love it as it is now.

Great job - hope we can do something else together soon.

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